my go-to baby gear: newborns to 2 months

Let’s be honest, a lot of being a parent is trial and error. No matter how much you research baby products you just never know how you or your baby will like something until after you’ve tried it.  After having two babies have a pretty good handle on what baby gear was useful during the first few months (at least for us.) Here’s what I found to be the most useful items with both babes!


Go-To Baby Gear for newborn - 2 months |

Mam pacifiers: I used these with both girls! Started with the MAM Newborn Start Orthodontic Pacifier (0+ Months) and then graduated to the MAM Mini-Air Orthodontic Pacifier (0-6 Months.) 

Rock N’ Play: This is a must! Both girls slept in this from the day we brought them home from the hospital. This is one item that we did not register for that I wish we had – we borrowed one from friends with Grace and she slept in it for about 5 months  (luckily we were able to borrow it again for Rae.)

Relax Melodies HD App: What’s great about this app (available on iTunes) is that we can select which sounds to play and there are a ton of options!! Plus you can play more than one sound at the same time — we like playing “ocean waves” and “heavy rain” together. We used it when Grace was a baby almost every night. This time around when we brought Rae home from the hospital we used it for both girls, at first we used it for Grace to muffle the sounds of a newborn cry as we all go reacclimatized to life with a new baby in the house and now we use it for Rae when she gets a little fussy and fights sleep. I love that it’s an app so we can have it on the iPad or our phones, which also comes in handy when we’re away from the house or on vacation — the sound machine is always with us!

Pottery Barn Kids Hooded Bath Towel: This is another item that I had not registered for but wish that I had. I registered for some random bath towels that in all honesty were cheaper, so when I received this one as a baby shower gift I was pleasantly surprised. It’s true you get what you pay for, this towel was so much better than the cheaper ones I had registered for – so much more absorbent and cozy for after bath. Both me and the Hubs loved it so much that we ended up buying two more. Definitely worth the price!

Ideal baby Swaddle Blanket: Rae is a Spring/Summer baby so I needed a cover for the stroller that would keep her shaded from the sun while being breathable so as not to make her stroller seat a hotbox. This swaddle blanket by the makers of  aden + anais is really nice because it’s lightweight and breathable, plus it’s quite large so it fits great over the carseat to keep her well covered.

Boppy Pillow  and Slip Cover: I have become so dependent on the boppy, I don’t know what moms did before this was invented! It makes nursing so much more comfortable (and easier) for me. I use it for nursing and a prop pillow for the baby, but have also used it as support when Grace wanted to hold her baby sister!

Dria Nursing cover: My sister-in-law actually has this cover and when I was pregnant with Grace I told myself that if the breastfeeding thing actually worked out for me that I would definitely invest in this cover (I have the Oslo which is usually $80 but right now it’s on sale for $60.) Personally, I’m not comfortable breastfeeding in public it’s just not for me, so I use my cover whenever we go over to our family / friends houses and have even used it in the car when we took both girls to Chicago! What I love about this cover is that it’s super soft and comfy and looks more like a shirt — it doesn’t have that apron-y look that I feel most nursing covers have. Plus it can double as a carseat/stroller cover.

Baby Bouncer: Another must have! While our bouncy has been discontinued, it was Fisher Price so this is a similar model. The bouncy has enabled us to do so many things – I put it on the counter next to me while I wash bottles (see I really do hand-wash them from time to time!) or on the table at dinner time so that we can all eat together as a family. Most importantly I can put it on the floor in the bathroom so that I can sneak in a quick shower! I cart the bouncy everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, outside on the patio. So very useful!

Dr. Brown’s Dishwasher basket: Now that we have two little ones time is even more valuable than ever before, I’d rather be spending time with my girls than stuck washing bottles all evening! While I still hand wash bottles every few cycles, being able to toss bottles in the dishwasher really helps (we have two baskets so we’re able to wash 6 bottles in one load.) We didn’t purchase these until Grace was probably 6 months old – but this time around we’ve used them from day #1!

Nose Frida: The NoseFrida seems, at first, to be a super gross little gadget that a friend of mine told me we just had to register for. This thing is so much better that those bulbs you get from the hospital because (a) we can clean it out and (b) we can actually see what’s coming out of our baby’s nose — color/amount/etc. It’s actually a pretty sweet buy!

These are the go-to items that we use almost daily. Just remember, it’s all trial and error so what worked for us may not work for everyone but hopefully our trial and error can be helpful information for you!

Please note, I purchased these products for my own personal use. I have not been paid to sample or review these products. The opinions in this post are based on my own personal Mom-experiences.