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September Goals |

Well, it’s been a minute since I last posted and now it’s time to hold myself accountable to the goals I set for myself last month. Here we go…joining Breakfast at Lilly’s: The Road to a Better Me link-up!

August Goals Recap

  1. Get in10K steps per day// Hahaha, yeah. Big fail. I never even wore my Fitbit once the entire month, in fact Michael took it from me to use about two weeks ago.
  2.  Complete a (mobile) phone detox// This didn’t happen either but we’re still super passionate about this topic so I’m going to make this a goal for September.
  3. Baptism// Rae’s I planned – we even had an entire Wunderlist going to organize everything. That said, we were still finalizing all the little details the week of the event. Seems that’s how I function, I thrive in stressful last minute situations.
  4. Leave the office on time// Success!! Sure there may have been a few later nights here and there but I’d say 85% of the time I was out the door on-time so to me that’s goal accomplished!

September Goals

  1.  Complete a (mobile) phone detox// I have the skeleton built, just need to execute and write it up! Hopeful to accomplish this with my Hubby this month!
  2. Read a book// Just prior to Labor Day weekend I bought a book for the first time in, well two years, that wasn’t a children’s book! Present Over Perfect, I hope, will ground me once again so that I can refocus my lifestyle and reconnect with the things that are most important to me – the people in my life.
  3.  Start making Grace & Rae’s Halloween Costumes// While some may say that it’s only September I say, oh my I only have about 6 weeks to make two little costumes before all the festivities begin!! Throw in work, house maintenance, family trips to the cider mill, gymnastics classes, Mom2Mom sales, etc. those 6 weeks really go by fast and free time slips away as quickly as Summer did! I don’t have to have the costumes made this month – but I need to have a plan and materials purchased!

Ok guys, I’m only going with 3 goals this month because, well to be frank, because I’d don’t want to over-promise and under deliver. So I’m going to see if I can at least accomplish 3 things this month, and if so then we can consider upping it next month. 😉

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