my go-to baby gear: 3 to 6 months

Time has been flying by, it’s so hard to believe that I now have a 6-month old! She’s not a newborn anymore (tear.) She laughs and plays… she interacts with her sister (which I love,) and those are seriously some of the most precious of moments I’ve ever seen. Along with this age comes a new set of baby-gear must-have’s. Here are some of our regular go-to’s as of late.


Go-To Baby Gear for 3 to 6 months |

Vulli Vanilla Scented Sophie Teether: This is Rae’s BFF (next to her sister of course.) Seriously, she’s been teething for like 3 months, drooling and chomping on whatever she can get her hands on. Sophie has become our go-to teether – it’s easy for her to grab onto and I can slip the paci grip around it’s legs and attach it to anything for her – carseat, bib, shirt, etc. so we never lose it. Can’t say that I noticed any vanilla – not until I searched for the link for this post 🙂 but scent or not the teether is awesome.

Dr.  Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher: this pitcher is the best $8 we’ve ever spent! When you need to make 32 ounces of formula for bottles for daycare the next day this thing will quickly become your best friend. Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy one of these.

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat: Where was this when Grace was born? Did this even exist?! I am personally not a fan of the bumbo (Grace never fit in it very well – by the time she was able to hold her head up to sit in the chair her thighs wouldn’t fit and she’d get stuck.)  At 3-months Rae was so over the bouncy, she wanted to sit up! This chair was perfect for her, she had good head control but was able to rest her head some for support and up until she started sitting unassisted recently we used this daily. Bonus, it folds up (decently) so we took it with us on vacations or to my mom’s house when she babysat the girls.

Boppy Pillow  and Slip Cover:  This one stays on the list because we’ve recently transitioned to sitting up unassisted. Still there are those moments that Rae gets a little wobbly and tips over – this gives her that extra cushion, and me that added peace of mind.

Aden Burpy Bib:  What do I love most about this burp cloth? The fact that it doubles as a bib. Space in a diaper bag is limited, one has to be very strategic in what goes where. This is a two in one necessity. And it’s lasted two children so we know it’s durable 🙂

Sophie la Girafe Teething Toy: In addition to her orange Sophie teether, Rae has been in love with the “original” Sophie for the past few weeks, she can gnaw on that thing as long as I’ll let her! Grace had one but the squeaker broke so this is a brand new Sophie just for Rae. Personally, I think it’s rather pricey for what it is, but I remember registering the first time around and everyone told me “you have to get a Sophie giraffe.” I’m not sure what it is, but they were right.

Fisher-Price Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo: We had an earlier model of this for Grace and she loved it! Unfortunately we had a flood in our basement a while back and (luckily) the jumparoo was our only casualty. This is a newer version and Rae gets so excited every time she’s in it – not sure if it’s the animals, colors or sounds – probably all of the above.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Piano: This was Grace’s favorite toy at this age and now it’s become a favorite for Rae too now that she’s sitting up on her own. She loves the colors and music – and I love hearing her laugh when she plays with it.

These are the go-to items that we use almost daily. Just remember, it’s all trial and error so what worked for us may not work for everyone but hopefully our trial and error can be helpful information for you!


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  1. I didn’t use my bobby pillow because it was too small to fit around my waist for breast feeding. My babies didn’t lie in them much either so I felt the bobby pillow was a waste of money for me and I thought it would have been used often.
    My friend gave me a sit in saucer and we used that a lot with both of our boys and then traded it in to Babies R Us to get 25% off a car seat! It was a great use of a used item!

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