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Hey y’all! I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything and I have no excuse other than “life happens.” I’ve had so many ideas and topics in my head that I’ve wanted to write about, but by the time the work day is over I’m lucky if I get a few minutes to unwind check my social media let alone time to write a blog post.

Lately I have found myself talking to some of my female co-workers about their work/life routines and what I’ve come to find out is that our “balance” is not all that uncommon. Here I’ve thought that Michael and I were the only couple that struggled with the constant feeling that we’re always playing catch-up — and by catch-up I mean take a day off from work in the middle of the week, push through as much laundry as possible, run errands, make a home cooked meal, fix those home maintenance projects that have been on the “to do” list for far too long, etc. only to find ourselves a few weeks later (if that) slip back to playing catch-up. It’s a vicious cycle that we’ve grown tired of, but how do we stop it? No really, how do we stop it?

During a conversation at Easter dinner someone brought up the notion that my generation spends too much time working and are lazy. Funny thing is that before I started talking to my co-workers I had had similar thoughts…Michael and I often found ourselves feeling lazy because we can’t keep up, until one day Michael helped me realize it’s not that we’re lazy, it’s that we bust our tails for 10-hours a day at the office that by the time we get home we’re exhausted. So now, hearing this comment at Easter dinner really got under my skin a bit. Do our elders really understand the complexities that we have to deal with now as young working parents?

Seriously, here’s a “day in the life” sampling:

  • 5:45am: Alarm clock goes off and I hit snooze
  • 6-6:30am: Sh*t! I’m late! Wake up, shower/get ready
  • 7am: Now I’m really late but the girls are just getting out of bed. Hurry up and fight (seriously it’s a battle) to get dressed, negotiate if we’re going to brush teeth today, attempt to brush hair (another negotiation, especially if there are extra snarls and tangles)
  • 7:30am: Rush the kiddos downstairs to put on shoes and coats — after about the third time saying “Grace, please come here and put your shoes on” we result in threats of time out. “Crap! Rae needs diapers for school, can you run back upstairs and grab a new pack?”
  • 7:45am: Shepard everyone to the cars. “Michael, did you remember to unplug the iron?”
  • 8am: Arrive at daycare. Drop off Grace at her classroom, chat with teacher quickly about any challenges from the previous day and what we need to work on more (nice hands, no name calling, potty, etc.) then a hug and kiss goodbye and off to drop Rae to her classroom,  chit chat with her teacher about her routine for the day and then I’m off again.
  • 8:15-ish: Back in car. Please Lord let the traffic be good to me today so I can make-up time to get to the office
  • 9-9:15am: Arrive to work (mind you I should have been here by 8:30am)
  • 9am-5pm: work a solid day, includes working through lunch (I only go out once in a blue moon)
  • 5-5:15pm: Pack-up and head out, check Waze to see how bad the commute home will be; quick phone chat with the Hubs “what’s for dinner” “sh*t we didn’t take any meat out, so we need something fast and easy…so eggs for dinner?”
  • 6-6:15pm: Arrive home to Michael starting to cook dinner with Rae crying at him because she’s hungry and wants attention and Grace running around demanding to listen to Moana
  • 6:30-ish: Attempt to sit down as a family
  • 7pm: Divide and conquer time (dishes, vacuum the food mess on the carpet and play with the girls)
  • 7:45pm: Start bedtime routine (yet another battle over putting on PJ’s and strong negotiations over how many stories are to be read that night)
  • 8:30-ish – 9pm: (A) fall asleep for the evening putting the girls down from pure exhaustion or (B) head downstairs to finish cleaning-up the kitchen, throw a load in the wash, potentially check work email, pick up toys
  • 11-ish: Go to bed and start the cycle all over again

Keep in mind, this routine doesn’t account for stopping to pay the bills, have a real conversation that lasts longer than 5-minutes with a friend/neighbor/husband, change out the rear tail-lamp of my car (the light came on yesterday, ) catch-up on personal emails, attempt to exercise, write those “thank you” cards from Rae’s 1st birthday party two weekends ago, or truly relax and unwind for 15-minutes.

So please, take a moment to consider the bigger picture before you make generalizations about my lifestyle and call it “lazy.”





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