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**Originally published in 2017, but updated 05.07.18 for Teacher Appreciation Week 2018**

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Our school always puts on a lunch for the teachers and asks parents to bring in something or make a donation, if they like. I usually bring a food dish with a tag of my favorite saying “It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.” Then I do something small for each of the girls teachers.

This year I wanted to do something different so I reached out to some mamas in a Facebook Mom group and asked the teacher-moms: What do you REALLY want/need?  I even ended up reaching out to Grace and Rae’s teachers directly to get their input. At the end of the day I received a lot of great ideas and feedback — though most agreed, “coffee and alcohol are best.” *shrug*

Before I show you what I decided to give the teachers this year, here are some of the ideas I received from the teacher-moms:

  • GIFT CARDS: A few teachers mentioned gift cards to Teachers Pay Teachers which I thought was a fantastic idea. I’ve purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers before and I know Grace’s teacher uses the site as well – but it never occurred to me to get a gift card there! Target and Amazon gift cards were at the top of the list, but they said gift cards to anywhere are nice.
    • Note: If you don’t know if your teacher is a coffee drinker then avoid the Starbucks and Tim Horton’s gift cards (but if you know for sure they’re java drinkers then by all means, they sure would enjoy the extra pick-me-up!)
  • SUPPLIES: Sounds like this time of year supplies seem to run low so teachers end up buying more of their own. Some ideas they mentioned included: a really nice stapler, glue sticks, crayons, expo/dry erase markers, glue sticks, nice pens, sharpies, staples, glue sticks, play dough (for the toddler/preschool teachers) — oh and did I mention GLUE STICKS? *wink*
  • THANK YOU NOTECARDS: Teachers write hundreds of “thank you” notes throughout the year and it’s nice to have cute ones (this idea is from a teacher who assured me they don’t find this gift idea weird.) So personalized stationery, or notecards with their initial would be nice!
  • SOMETHING HANDMADE: Turns out teachers do like getting handmade gifts from your kiddo! It doesn’t have to be anything Pinterest-perfect or expensive, a drawing and note from you/your kiddo is just as special to them!

As for me and my kiddos, this year I opted for giving the teachers what they wanted…alcohol. *shrug*

I found this DIY “In Case of Emergency” mini-alcohol gift from Something Turquoise and I think it is the absolute cutest idea!! I bought mini bottles of the teachers favorites: wine, tequila, rum, etc. This would also work well for a coffee liquor.

I had to make a few of my own modifications to this idea. Unfortunately Something Turquoise only had wedding and holiday versions of their free printable so I had to recreate my own file for Teacher Appreciation Day (but the holiday version will work perfectly for teacher holiday gifts!) Also, I ran around town and could not for the life of me find clear plastic rectangular favor boxes (and the ones in the link supplied by Something Turquoise are currently unavailable.) Instead I found these macaroon boxes on Amazon (Prime for the win!) The box fits a mini-wine bottle perfectly (it’s a little large for the mini liquor bottles so I’m still working on how best to wrap that one, stay tuned.)

Here is it, my version of the DIY “In Case of Emergency” mini-alcohol gift, what do you think? I only have one done so far, but  I’ll be sure to update this post with more photos once all the bottles are done!

DIY "In Case of Emergency" mini-alcohol gift Teacher Appreciation Week | twoplusmeandyou.com

Alt idea: If you can’t find a box, just pick up a stemless wine glass (I found some really cute and sassy Rae Dunn stemless wine glasses at Home Goods a few weeks ago,) add a little tissue paper filler, pop in the bottle and tie with the bakers twine. Still super cute and easy gift that can be done before the end of the week.

Ideas from Teacher Appreciation Days Past

Last year I waited until the 11th hour before deciding what to do for Teacher Appreciation week (good thing our school decided to hold their celebration luncheon at the end of the week!) So if I was going to craft something it would have to be easy since I didn’t leave myself any time. I decided on chocolate-covered strawberries for the girls teachers and donuts for the teacher appreciation breakfast/lunch.

Here are some pics and details on what I’ve done for Teacher Appreciate Day in the past — these are super easy ideas for any mamas out there like me that have zero time to do anything but still want it to look Pinterest-cute!

Donut Appreciation Tag

This donut tag from Salt and Pepper Moms was a  super cute Pinterest find. I actually enlarged the pics, printed them out, and mounted them to cardstock so that I could write a little message on it. Then I taped the cards to the top of a box of donuts. You can find the free printable tag here!

Teacher Appreciation Donut Tag | twoplusmeandyou.com

Teacher Appreciation Donut Tag | twoplusmeandyou.com

 Thank You Notes

Found this cute Thank You Teacher Free Printable from The Suburban Mom (via Pinterest) and had every intention of having Grace help me fill it out but she wasn’t really interested. Luckily I had also printed this super cute Traceable Teacher Thank You Note as well — and it’s much more fitting since her teacher was teaching her to write her ABC’s at the time!  I also attached some yummy chocolate covered strawberries we made for each of the girls teachers, yet another sweet Pinterest find!

Teacher Thank You Printable | twoplusmeandyou.com

Teacher Appreciation | twoplusmeandyou.com
Teacher Appreciation Week | twoplusmeandyou.com

If You Give A Teacher A Cookie

A few years ago I had found this cute idea on Pinterest,  from The Diary of Dave’s Wife via Eighteen25, and made it for Grace’s “Toddler Class” teacher since she loved chocolate chip cookies:

Teacher Appreciation| twoplusmeandyou.com
Teacher Appreciation – If You Give A Teacher A Cookie | twoplusmeandyou.com

I found a really cute mason jar tumbler (plastic so it was perfect for a Toddler Teacher!) and picked up an extra-large chocolate chip cookie from a bakery around the corner from my office, added the free printable tag (free link in the post from Eighteen25) with some bakers twine and voila, super cute teacher gift.

Chalkboard Teacher Gift

Another cute idea that could double as a teacher appreciation gift is actually something  I made two summers ago when Grace’s teacher took a job at another school. I was perusing the dollar bin aisle at Target and it was just before ‘back-to-school’ season so I was able to snag some supplies and whip up this cute little going away present for her:

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift | twoplusmeandyou.com
DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift | twoplusmeandyou.com

You will need the following (all of which I found at Target, with the exception of the foam brush that I just had on hand):

  • Chalkboard easel (or frame would do) **UPDATE: my easel was from Target and they’re currently not available but I found this one that would work just as well at Michael’s today for $4.99  (not sure why it’s more online) — plus you can use their 40% off coupon! 
  • Chalk Pen
  • Bakers Twine (not pictured)
  • Letter Stickers of Your Choice
  • Foam Paint Brush (not pictured)
  • Mod Podge
  • A Few Pieces of Chalk
Teacher Appreciation Gift | twoplusmeandyou.com


1 – Position out your stickers on the bakers twine (I used the teachers name so I had to plan out how to space out ‘Ms. Megan’ appropriately given the width of my frame)
2 – Place the bakers twine, with stickers attached, to the top of your frame and leave some twine free on either side
Note: you will probably need to reposition some of the stickers slightly, that’s ok just be gentle so as not to rip them.
TIP: dental floss sometimes helps if you need to lift a sticker and reposition it) 
2 – Brush mod lodge over the letters and twine (works as adhesive) then let dry
3 – Write your message on the board with your chalk pen, let dry
4  – Add a few pieces of chalk as an accent

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift | twoplusmeandyou.com
DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift | twoplusmeandyou.com

There’s still time to whip up something cute for that special teacher in your school, National Teacher Appreciation week this week — May 7th – 11th.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the teachers out there — it really does take a big heart to do what you do for our kids. Kudos to all of you!! <3