Pinterest for Dinner: Taco Casserole

I’ve made this recipe two weeks in a row now so I knew I just had to post about it because it’s that good! I found this recipe for a Taco Casserole (Weight Watchers approved) in my Pinterest archives and decided to give it a try last week for Taco Tuesday. It’s seriously delicious!

Pinterest for Dinner | Taco Casserole |

I did make a few small adaptations to the recipe, simply because all I had on-hand was ground beef, and also my family loves cheese so I added more cheese and chips to the top of the casserole. I also did not include the cilantro garnish but I’m ok with that. (Note: with my alterations it’s most likely no longer WW worthy.)

Two+Me&You Review

I would say this recipe took me about 45-minutes(ish) to make because I usually let Grace help with the cooking now.  I did all my chopping first, gathered all the ingredients (I like to use prep bowls because it makes it easier to have the littles help me cook, but really t’s because it makes me feel more like a celebrity chef lol.) Then browned the meat while my 3-year old crushed up the chips in a bowl.

This recipe is pretty filling so I didn’t even make a side dish (though my husband thinks it would be good if we added rice, I think it’s fine solo.) Bonus: the kids loved it and went back for seconds!! We liked it so much that I’ve made it two Taco Tuesday’s in a row.

Pinterest for Dinner | Taco Casserole |

Pinterest for Dinner | Taco Casserole |
**Disclaimer: The final presentation wasn’t my best but trust me this dish is delicious!

Overall rating = Pinterest win!

What did you make for Taco Tuesday? Follow the recipe from here and let me know what you think!