Dear 2018 |

dear 2018 ,

I’m not one for making resolutions (because let’s be honest how many of us stick to them?!) but I am feeling very inspired by what may come of this year. Plus my motivation level is at an all-time high (probably due in part to me being at home full-time,) I would say my current status could be categorized as “crushing it.”

The past year (mainly the last 4-6 months) has helped me realize a few things that I need so for 2018 I have set some goals. Goals > Resolutions.

So what are these goals I speak of?

More Evening Down Time. I need to start putting the devices away at night and truly unwind with a book, magazine or a good TV show. Too many nights I’m multi-tasking on my phone and next thing you know it’s midnight and I’m wide awake. It will be difficult because I usually blog after the kiddos go to bed so of course there will be the occasional night where I’m still “plugged in.”

Make Better Health Choices. Yeah, we all say this one I know. While I thought I was making good choices I’ve realized that I need to step it up a notch and I need my girls to see me making the better choices instead of just hearing me tell them. They need to see me choosing to run on the treadmill, they need to see me choosing to eat the carrots over the cake. When I became a mom I knew that I had to make better health choices so that I could be here for my girls but now I truly understand that it’s more than being here for them, it’s being a healthy role model even though they may not know it yet.

De-Clutter. It’s January and all the stores have their annual sales on all things organizing so of course we’re all trying to get our house in order, literally. So far we’ve already plowed through about half of the rooms that were causing the most anxiety, woo hoo!

Keep Seeking Inspiration. I’ve caught this bug of inspiration to Get. Shit.Done. (this was actually my wallpaper at work) and whatever it is I don’t want to lose it. I want to channel this energy I’ve been feeling and continue to find the things that inspire me – creatively, career, health, home – whatever it may be.

More 1:1 Time.  More date nights with the hubs. More individual outings with my girls. More “me” time. Don’t get me wrong, we get plenty of quality time as a family and we filled our Fall with so many “making memories” activities that my heart was overjoyed. That said, I feel like carving out more one-on-one time with all of these people will do even more for our family, and for me. Making us better/happier wives, husbands, mothers, daughters, fathers…individuals.

2018 is a blank page in my story and who knows where the journey will take us, but I’m feeling pretty good about being able to Get. Shit. Done. ♥