gift ideas for the unicorn lover

Gifts for the Unicorn Lover |

My nieces birthday is this weekend so I’ve been on the hunt for something that she’ll love —  she’s really into unicorns right now. Do you know how popular unicorn-anything is right now? I mean, unicorns are everywhere!

graphic via Really, Are You Serious?

For example, I often refer to this graphic whenever someone refers to my ginger hair in a not-so-happy-way (think red-headed step-child, *wink*):

But in all seriousness, unicorns are definitely a popular choice for girls of all ages. Recently I found the cutest unicorn gifts for my niece from Home Goods and the Target dollar bin section – both of which I picked up for her birthday! Unfortunately neither can be linked online…but aren’t they super cute?

Gifts for the Unicorn Lover |
Unicorn birthday cake cotton candy: Home Goods // Unicorn string lights: Target
Gifts for the Unicorn Lover |
Unicorn birthday cake cotton candy as a birthday gift for a girl who loves unicorns? Perfect!
Gifts for the Unicorn Lover |
String lights will be a very cute addition to light up a little girls bedroom!!

I also  picked out a few items that are sure to be a hit with any unicorn-lover on your list (ages 3-6.) We actually have #6, 8 and 10 – and my niece will be getting #7 for her birthday — in other words everything on this list is something I’ve purchased or would consider purchasing for a young girl-gift.

Unicorn Gift Guide |

  1. Unicorn and Mermaids coloring book //  Mermaids and unicorns, even I want this! *wink*
  2. Wallet // This was an “Amazon’s Choice” item and Amazon hasn’t failed me yet – plus it’s purple and pink so what little girl wouldn’t love it?
  3. Stationary Kit // Stickers, scented markers, journal, a pom pom pen and more. What’s not to love about this cute unicorn stationary kit for any girl?!
  4. Personalized Tote // I love the look of this canvas bag – and bonus you can personalize it thanks to Pottery Barn Kids. Wouldn’t it make the cutest library book bag?!
  5. My Unicorn Ate My Homework raglan // I love this shirt! This Etsy shop actually has a bunch of cute unicorn-inspired designs to check out, but this was my favorite.
  6. Camelbak // I love, love, love Camelbaks for my kids. We take them everywhere – starting from the moment my littles could sip through a straw. I just clip them onto the diaper bag or my purse and off we go. My youngest got this unicorn version from Santa this year and her older sister is constantly trying to claim it as her own. *wink*
  7. Necklace // My Very Best Always Be Yourself Unicorn necklace – I purchased this one for my niece in rose gold. I just love how it looks and I love the cute saying that comes with it: “always be yourself. unless you can be a unicorn. then always be a unicorn.
  8. Thelma the Unicorn // I ordered this book for my niece and my daughter, all the reviews were favorable so I’m really excited to receive our copy and check it out!
  9. Tablet Case // Another cute PBK find! Cute, personalized and keeps that tablet protected!!
  10. SkipHop backpack // These SkipHop backpacks are super cute little bags for any toddler. Both of my girls have one, my youngest has the unicorn version. They’re not overly large but they’re a perfect fit for my 21-month old and 4-year-old. We use them for car trips a lot, but my oldest does take it to Pre-K with her since she really doesn’t need a bag to hold anything more than a couple of papers. Love these!

Fingers crossed my niece doesn’t decide she likes mermaids better than unicorns by Saturday — wouldn’t that be my luck! Cheers ♥


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