National Reading Month: favorite read-aloud books for kids

Favorite Read-Aloud Books for Kids |

A while back I was talking with my niece about a new book series she was reading and during the conversation I told her about my favorite book series when I was a young girl: The Baby-Sitters Club. Then a couple weeks later when I saw her again she was excited to show me the new book she had just gotten — it was the first book of the series for The Baby-Sitters Club! She had already read it and was starting it for a second time. It was pretty neat that she picked out that book based on a conversation we had. We started talking about the book (the parts that I could remember) and for a moment we connected on something we never had before and it was, truly, a very cool moment for me. It’s actually pretty inspiring when I think of how it all stemmed from what seemed like a simple conversation while I was doing the dishes.

To springboard off that inspiration I wanted to do something for National Reading Month, so I thought I would share a couple of my girls favorite books with all of you!

favorite read-aloud books for kids | twoplusmeandyou.comPeanut Butter and Homework Sandwiches

Written by Lisa Broadie Cook and illustrated by Jack E. Davis.

The story is about a boy, Martin, who can’t catch a break when it comes to turning in his homework (the dog ate it, his mom washed it, etc.) His substitute teacher is a bit of a stickler for homework, too, which doesn’t help. This is a light-hearted little story and a good book to read aloud. My 4-year-old found it funny, seeing all the things that went wrong for Martin when he tried to turn in his homework and it quickly became a nightly bedtime read for us. In fact I think we kept this book checked out from the library for all the extension deadlines they allowed. Definitely a book the kiddos will enjoy!

favorite read-aloud books for kids | twoplusmeandyou.comBark, George

Written by Jules Feiffer

I used to read this book to Grace when she was a baby and we recently borrowed it from the library for Rae. Both girls love it! It’s a humorous little story about a dog, George, that can’t bark. He meows and quacks but he doesn’t bark. So his mother takes him to the vet to see what’s wrong — and that’s when this clever story really comes to life. Such a fun read — and the kiddos love all the animal sounds when we read aloud.

Bonus, I found this book on Audible so we purchased it there. It’s read by John Lithgow (love his storytelling voice) and has become great when we’re in the car!

favorite read-aloud books for kids | twoplusmeandyou.comDon’t Push the Button!

Written and Illustrated by Bill Cotter

I don’t remember how we found this one but it’s a staple on our bookshelf at home. Don’t Push the Button! is a interactive, silly little story about a monster named Larry  who has rules about pushing the button in his book — you’re not supposed to push it. Funny things happen to Larry each time the kids push the button. It’s super colorful and a fun way to engage the girls as they each get to help push the button, shake the book or even scratch Larry’s tummy to see what will happen next. Such silliness you can’t help but belly-laugh!

favorite read-aloud books for kids | twoplusmeandyou.comPretend

Written by Jennifer Plecas

While my youngest hasn’t sat through a reading of this book, my 4-year-old loves reading it with her Dad. I think it’s because the story is about a little boy playing make believe with his father and they go on an adventure together — their couch becomes a boat and the staircase turns into a big mountain they have to climb. When Grace and her Dad read the book they play a little make believe, too. It’s a great book for helping young ones tap into that make believe magic and I love seeing her imagination grow!

favorite read-aloud books for kids | twoplusmeandyou.comAmelia Bedelia

Written by Peggy Parish and illustrated by Fritz Siebel

Last but not least I had to sneak this one in there. I found this book at a Mom2Mom sale last weekend and I vaguely remembered it from childhood so I brought it home. Grace has had me read it to her every single night since Saturday — some nights we’ve read it two or three times in a row. The best part is that she belly laughs so hard at the end of the book when Amelia is asked to dress the chicken (instead of preparing it to be cooked she puts clothes on the chicken and thinks “I wonder if she wants a he chicken or a she chicken?”) —  I would read it a dozen more times just to hear that laughter. Amelia Bedelia is a silly nonsensical story about a maid who takes her list of tasks in the most literal way that you’re bound to let out a giggle or two.

5 Things To Know About Reading Aloud With Your Child

I stumbled upon this infographic from Scholastic — some good tid bits that I thought I’d share:

Scholastic KFRR Report |
Kids and Family Reading Report, 6th Edition


Tell me, what are some of your kiddos favorite books?