saying goodbye to the village that helped raise my girls

It Take A Village |

Today is the last day of school for both of my kiddos. While they’re excited to have “summer vacation,” this mama is overwrought with emotion.

You see, the girls will not be returning to daycare in the Fall now that I’m playing the role of a SAHM. And, well, we’ve been going to the same daycare since Grace was 3 months old. In fact, her current Preschool teacher used to be the teacher in her infant room back when we first started. We have formed relationships with the teachers over the last 4 years. We know them and even their families.

These women have watched my girls grow. They were there for their first tummy roll over, their first steps. These teachers taught my kids how to use a fork and spoon, and they’re the ones that taught Grace her ABC’s and how to spell her name. They’ve watched the girls personalities form and watch Grace transition from an only child to big sister. These women have become part of our daily lives. My girls love them and these women love my girls, as if they were their own. They’re part of our family.

They have been nothing but supportive as I made the transition from career-mom to stay-home-mom.  Sure, I’ve had a few months to get acquainted with idea that the girls would stop going, but now that the time is upon us I find myself clinging to the  familiarity of these women, our daily routine, even the silly old building, not wanting to let them go.

So this is why I’m having a difficult time with saying goodbye. Sure I know that with social media we can “keep in touch.” They’ll keep up with the girls through photos and give a “wow, they’re getting so big” shout out every now and then. But it won’t be the same.

These women, they are part of my village and my girls village. They were there for 10-hours a day (when I was working full-time) helping to raise my children. I don’t think any amount of “thank you’s” can truly express how much these women mean to me. How much I’ve leaned on them over the years, how important they’ve become to not only my kids, but to me.

So to the women in my village, you know who you are, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Whether you were their lead teacher or just filling in on a break. Whether you painted their nails or braided their hair for picture day because I don’t know how. You will always hold a special place in our lives, in our family, and we will miss you dearly.

And now I will pull into the parking lot for the last time, pick up my girls with tears in my eyes and try my best to hold it together as I say goodbye to the village that took part in raising, not only my girls, but this mama.♥